Learn to Send Emails,
Talk FREE  with Skype,
Information Search,
Shopping and Paying Bills,
Buy and Sell with Ebay,
Print and Scan Documents,
Website Design and more
in the comfort of your own home
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..Private Computer Tuition in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham and Peak District with Special Rates for OAP’s and Disabled..
They do say
It’s Never Too Late To Learn

and people receiving Disability Benefits
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..Private Computer Tuition in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham and Peak District with Special Rates for OAP’s and Disabled..
Computer Tuition in South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire
With home tuition I can help you SAVE MONEY! Hence the cost of your computer lessons could
be recovered and paid for with the savings you make by learning how to shop and pay bills online.

Here are more good reasons for learning how to use a computer and surfing the Internet:

• Communicating with Family and Friends all over the world.
You can send and receive emails from anyone, anywhere via a computer, ipad or mobile phone.
send and receive photographs or documents.
If you have a camera and microphone on your computer, you can talk FREE and view video using
FREE software downloads such as “Skype”.

•  SAVE MONEY Shopping and Paying Bills Online.
Many people save money buying discounted goods on the Internet from online retailers who can
sell their products cheaper than the high street stores.
Some people save money paying bills online, by choosing paperless billing with companies like the
energy suppliers.

•  Buy and Sell on Ebay
Many people now buy and sell on Ebay and other classified websites, selling new or secondhand
unwanted items. Learn how to do this or even open up an Ebay Shop.

•  Learn How to Design Your Own Business or Community Website
If you own a business or run an organisation and need to advertise and promote your products
or services, designing and managing a website of your own is far easier now than 20 years ago.
If you need help, contact us for some FREE advice, we may be able to help you.

•  Scan and Print Your Own Photo’s and Documents
You can learn to download your photo’s from a digital camera, scan documents, save in a folder
or print off.

•  Search Worldwide for Information and Products
The worldwide web is now a gigantic portal for information, knowledge, services and products.
You can manage your business or private life so easily online, giving you more FREE time for
socialising and to enjoy life with the extra money you can save.
Search for long lost friends, trace your family tree or find a new partner to share your life.

•  Keep Safe and Secure Online
Learn to surf the Internet Safely and Securely, protecting your computer from viruses and hackers

I can help with advice and guidance on what to do and what services are available in your
area and how to get started.
Provide details on how you can SAVE MONEY and the different options to get online at
prices you can afford and help you setting up your computer to work online.
Provide telephone and online support if you are having problems with your computer.
Need help with Windows 10 upgrade….

Still not sure, just give us a call for some FREE advice.
South Yorkshire Search Engine
No idea what to buy your partner
or friend for those Special Occasions

Why not treat them to some computer lessons,
to help them get started and gain the confidence to surf the net
so they can reap the benefits of getting online.

Why not surprise them with some private, one to one computer lessons!

BUY 2 One Hour Lessons, normally £50
For a Special Introductory Price £40
BUY 4 One Hour Lessons, normally £100
For a Special Introductory Price £80
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Cheapest Home Introductory Lessons for Computer Beginners

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Contact ALAN on 01142 205713 or 07794 575318

* Please note that the tuition rates do not include travelling costs, these are additional
costs that are incurred and rates depend on distance travelled to customers homes.
Are you a senior over 50 or an OAP looking for tuition on a computer?
Do you lack confidence in your ability to use a computer and surf the Internet?
Do you feel as though you’re missing out on the benefits of being able to surf the Internet?
Would you feel more relaxed and stress free with one to one tuition in your own home?

We offer very competitive, low tuition fees with special introductory rates for all ages....